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Public Speeches in 120 seconds.
What We Do
Sixer, 120 seconds is planning the 3rd season which will begin in July, 2019.  Carly and her crew help facilitate 6 public speaking events during each fall season. Each event is accompanied by a special mentor and is followed by dessert! In the past we have addressed topics ranging from disability and disease to pushing your ultimate physical limits. We have been mentored by cancer survivors, entrepreneurs, an LA stunt-man, and more. We are a very creative and lucky group.  

Our Team

Sixer is run by 6th grader Carly, who goes to Mountain View School, along side of her dad and brother.

Previous Venues

Possible Guest Mentors

New mentors will be posted soon!

Need more details? Contact us.
Interested in signing up for Sixer? Click here.
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