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One of the greatest privileges in life is for us to have a voice. We created sixer to improve the public speaking comfort level of young women in our community. This program is geared towards 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, building their courage before junior high.  We will host 6 events at local restaurants, each with a different speech topic and guest coach. This is an opportunity to go have fun with friends and improve public speaking structure, styles, strategy & ability.
This town is so rich in scholastics, sports and extracurricular agenda, though there seems to be some room to fill in this field.  If we can choose speaking topics that provoke thought, a little research, practice and inspiration, then that's what we will build upon! If we approach one of human-kind's greatest fears with an easy attitude supported by professional and accessible coaches, friends and dessert, then they all win. 
Where do you see yourself one year after high school? Describe a disability that you know something about and how individuals with that disability persevere. Choose something new and interesting that you can teach the group in 120 seconds...Most of us may remember the first time that we stood behind a microphone.  Through practice we aim to build this comfort level and promote positive memories.  We are truly humbled by those that pledge to support this endeavor. Thank you.  
Our Team
Carly Lindblad

Carly is a 5th grader at Mountain View School who runs the event.

Blake Lindblad

Blake is a sophomore at San Marcos who films each speech so you can watch the memories created at sixer.

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